... always exercises about painting

April, May of 2013
Má Arte Gallery

... "always exercises about painting", consists of recent work (2012 and 2013), whose focus is oil, the body of the painting in a process linked to the tradition of painting, particularly the practice dubbed painting / painting.
The physical involvement, the organization of the elements in the plan and chromatic vibration are values that take place during the process of paint.
Starting from an image, thought or initial outline, painting develops itself to and disconnected from an external object. A gesture indicates the path to the next, one color indicates the need for another, a form asks another ... it follows the structure of the composition.
The actions in the support are done quickly and decided and the painting develops in a organically way, this means that the intensity of the gesture determines the density of the body of painting and the organization of the composition. This is a process where pictorial action and emotional charge gains more importance than the formal elegance.