January, 2011
Instituto Anti-matéria / Espaço Ilimitado
Press release

Two series of work: nvm_cld (2008/2010) and rdr_010 (2010).
Both result from a generative process, the images are built from predetermined rules. In the nvm_cld series, the process is digital, the images are the output from the code written with context free. In the rdr_010 series, the images are the result of a manual process based on predefined rules.
It is intended to build images that are immersive and empathic.
In both series, there are a bottom-up approach, with elementary shapes: a circle and a line segment. These elemental forms are working as autonomous agents, thus determining the plane of the drawing at random.
They start at any point, "organizing themselves", with variations in the position direction, size, pressure to complete the image plane, thus determining areas that don't represent nothing beyond themselves.