About Palco

Stage was the name I gave to a montage I performed in the rehearsal room, in July 2020, immediately before the montage “Lo Feo na Sala” and as a way of preparing and rehearsing for the exhibition I would hold the following month: “Grottesche Palco".

The rehearsal room is bare of finishes, it is hard, raw, the floor in cement, the walls with exposed stone roughness, the wooden ceiling with exposed tiles. It is an enclosed space, with only a few light entrances, by glass tiles. This completely inward-facing space with minimal light input has a raw but, at the same time, mysterious and almost meditative atmosphere. It is a space that perfectly welcomes raw and hard plastic works that allude to violent images and that make the ugly an aesthetic characteristic, as is the case with the nine paintings from the La Piel series that I used in the installation. These were, in 2020, worked with color, unlike the others from 2019 in the same series, essentially in black and white. The use of color makes them more carnal, closer and more challenging to the spectator.

In this installation I wanted to test a way of almost hanging figures on a branch, somehow reminding me of Goya's dramatic images of fragments of bodies hanging from trees. Thus, the nine paintings were assembled around a branch, alluding to parts hanging figures. The portraits of the figures, dramatic, hard, carnal, with dense textures and visible pictorial registers, mounted on a temporary, raw structure, enough to frame the paintings in space so that the viewer can move around them.

Painting on SpaceDateJuly, 2020