Lo feo na sala

About Lo Feo na Sala

In June 2020, I made a montage in the rehearsal room: “lo Feo na sala” which, by its name, shows us the way forward in understanding this set of paintings. It deals with the approach to the ugly as an aesthetic quality, not the opposite of the beautiful. These figures result from the manipulation and fusion of various images from different contexts and times, which is what the observer easily realizes when looking at each painting. This series also uses the idea of mashup, reconfiguration, the presentation of several times simultaneously, something that the internet has boosted by taking us to experience various periods in the same contemporary time.

The paintings have the name of the series: Studio Portrait, which refers to the images that served as a motive. Victorian period footage of people posing in the studio. A kind of staging in the studio in front of the photographer's lens, combined with traumatic images for those who experienced them firsthand and dramatic to the observer's eye, of the military conflicts of the beginning of the 20th century.Thus, they present themselves, to the observer's gaze, simultaneously grotesque and comic figures, because they are clumsy, disproportionate, strange in face of the notions of beauty and balance.

Family Portraits
Painting on SpaceDateJuly, 2020