Lo feo en clausura

About Lo Feo en Clausura

This was an montage carried out in the Rehearsal Room in February 2020, the main purpose of which was to test a form of montage scheduled for March 2020 in Mijas, Malaga (La Piel) with the same series of paintings.

What is at stake here is the grotesque through the manipulation of the image from which the figures result and the allusion, through montage, to figures present beyond the pictorial plane. They want to show themselves as figures that announce themselves in full body to the spectator, figures that have a physical presence in the room, occupying it and interacting with the spectator. He can move among them, like the flâneur in the discovery of new territories.

This is a staged stage that calls for the presence of the spectator, his movement in space and the awareness of his presence as an integral part of the staging.

Painting on Space
PoseDateFebruary, 2020