About reverberação

Death as a reason!
We present a set of paintings made from digital reproductions found on the internet.! These are the result of the work of R. Magnus, when in the 30s of the 20th century he photographed corpses in the morgue!

The images show bodies stripped of any adornment or identification and, unlike the practice of photographing corpses in the familiar environment with relatives - as was recurrent in the Victorian era, these images seem to have a documentary character. So it's not strange that when they were made they were taken as an object for future memory!

After 80 years, these images served to reverberate the theme. They were printed on paper and kept in the studio. They had been around for quite a few months now, serving painting now when death became a motive. For a better understanding, this should be seen as a continuation of the exhibition “Silêncio”, held in February 2014 at Má Arte Gallery, in Aveiro